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Corporate SEO training | Overview

Overview to our Palo Alto company's SEO training:

At A. Blum Localization Services we specialize in corporate in-house Search Engine Optimization training. 


All corporate SEO training packages are presented by Ardan Michael Blum CEO at A. Blum Localization Services. Ardan Michael has an extensive understanding of Internet Marketing, Online Reputation Management, and Search Engine Optimization. 

For each of our packages, we focus on issues that are often overlooked by non-SEO staff such as link building, image descriptions, how to tweak PDF files for top ten rankings on search engines, and more tips as part of a customized checklist for an office-wide SEO standard. 

Said differently: Expanding, original content is key to success. Educating and training staff to gain and maintain the trust of a search engine is far more vital than ranking a given page in the top ten for a selected phrase. Top-level web content creation guidelines are discussed. Things to avoid and things to never do are also discussed. Then we turn our attention to on-page SEO vs link building. 

We move then from local search optimization (getting your brand well listed with multiple top ten results for a location + concept/product search) to ranking on regional data centers across the world. We move from basic to advanced SEO with PowerPoint slides, the use of online tools, and live demonstrations (creation of blogs, creation of properly optimized Pinterest boards, managing map listings, Twitter content and much more). 

About our CEO:

Ardan Michael Blum was born in Geneva, Switzerland. He speaks fluently English and French (with notions of Italian and some German). 

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