Do you offer an SEO quiz to determine the level of non-SEO corporate staff?

Yes! In order to determine which level is best suited for the training (basic to advanced packages), we offer an  (optional) quiz to non-SEO staff.

Do you offer follow-up visits?

We do! In fact, we have several optional follow-up plans. The first is 2 hours per month. The second is 2 hours per week. And the last is comparing (involves a site audit at the time of the first training - as well as a ranking overview) your firms progress in reaching and holding top 5 placements. This third option is done via Skype and email.

Will you help our team find the right keywords for their blog posts?

Yes! Part of our advanced presentation is real-time work. We will be using free (and some low cost but essential) tools to identify the least subjective and most "actually searched" terms.  

In addition to just "helping with keyword choice" our advanced Corporate SEO Training package includes a defined checklist

Do you bring a projector and other items for the presentation?

Yes, naturally, all materials needed are brought and set up 30 minutes ahead of all events.

Do you have rules?

Phones: We understand that work-related issues may come up and so we do not request a ban on phones. 

Recording in audio or video is not permitted without written authorization.

Fine Print: We have a standard external consultant disclaimer/waiver that is signed at the time of our establishing a contract for one or several of the training packages we offer.